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Is gender mainstreaming working?

Or to be more specific, is it having a real effect on the workplace? As a concept, it’s been around for 30 years.   Every time I mention it, though, I have to explain what it is! Personal Case Study Some years ago I was the president of a mostly male IT Association.  (I believe I am still the only female president they have had since 1934).  We needed to hire a new Executive Director.   As a member of the ManCo, we interviewed a number of candidates, shortlisted them to three (two men, one woman) and conducted final interviews. Two were particularly strong (one man, one woman).   I liked both, but felt the male candidate was a better fit for the position.   My three male colleagues disagreed, and we hired the woman. At our next Executive meeting, we announced the appointment, to a flurry of comments and jokes that, of course we hired the female candidate, Teryl was on the selection panel! We, equally light heartedly, informed them they were wrong.   However, it was a great decision, she was…

Is maternity leave where it needs to be?

Maternity Leave – has it changed over the years?  I have two children, one 30, and the other 28 and, other than one 10 month extended holiday before we got married and two three month maternity leaves, I have been employed. When viewing my personal maternity leave, the major difference was the comparison between the corporate and small business approach to women going on maternity leave. It amazes me now, but when I had my daughter, I landed up having to manage a rather challenging situation. I had a company car and was working for an international company. As I was planning to go back to work, it hadn't occurred to me that they would take the car away, but about a week into my maternity leave, I received a phone call from my boss, who said he was going to pop around and collect the car. I still didn't get it, when he arrived with one of my colleagues, I guess I thought he was taking it for a few days. I  was very surprised when he informed me that as I was not working, he was…
Women and Property Ownership – is it really 1%?
As Women’s Month drew to a close in South Africa yesterday, I thought the topic of property ownership was worth further investigation.
Over the past month, I have participated in a number of women’s events, both as a speaker and as a member of the audience.
Some of the speakers have cited a statistic that puts 1 or 2% of property in the hands of women, globally.
According to Philip Cohen, (link below), this is a feminist myth that won’t die.
All the reading I have done, subsequently, has indicated that the basis for this stat is not readily available although Philip Cohen’s article does offer an answer to the source.
Cheryl Doss (link below) does give some interesting statistics around African property ownership and also says that the 2% is not based on documented statistical research.
All this preamble is to get to the point that while the actual % is obviously important, it is also a reality that less women than men own property.
The A…