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How are you managing your Jet Stream? Building a personal brand.

"Never judge a book by its cover" - well, eBooks have certainly changed this, for me, because its not about the cover, its about the content, the advertorial and the recommendations of other readers.

When I was a teenager, I read a book that had a profound impact on me - A Patch of Blue, by Elizabeth Kata.

The story is about a young white blind girl who meets a black man and falls in love.   The realisation of how much of our judgement of people is based on their externals, was both depressing and empowering.
Depressing because if you don't fit into preconceived ideas of what success looks like, you are at a disadvanatageEmpowering because that knowledge allows you to work at making the best of yourself by reading widely, practising lifelong learning, as well as looking professional (industry appropriate) and being reasonably well organised.Angela Peacock and the People Development Team, have done great work around conscious and unconscious bias, and the impact it has, in…

Procrastination or Carpe Diem?

Like many people, I constantly feel guilty about procrastinating.   I make long lists of things to do, and feel extremely virtuous if I cross any off.
When I started writing this article I was focusing on reducing the guilt, while improving the flow of work and personal projects, as well as still managing to have genuine chill time.
Then, I remembered a Robert Benchley article which I had read years and years ago, at school, (so really a long time ago).   It was called How to Get Things done, so I googled it (I do love Google, I feel I am achieving things when I do research) and reread it.  Just delightful.  It had to be shared, and so I did that on LinkedIn.
Back to my article on procrastination, realized it had turned into an article about decision making, and so I published it.  
The following day, I returned to my article on procrastination and, what a surprise, noted that I was a living case study for procrastination, as well as how to get things done the Robert Benchley way, becaus…

How do you take notes in meetings?

Tablet or Notebook? Moleskine, anyone…..
Three years ago, the move from laptops and notebooks to tablets in meetings was noticeable.  If you didn’t have one, you definitely felt a little technologically challenged.  Move to November, 2014, and what do you see? A myriad shaped moleskine notebooks emerging, mostly black! Trends in Usage
Laptops are getting smaller, only to be augmented by huge screens on desks, loose keyboards and additional disk drives. (Although the laptop is effectively being used as a mobile disk drive.) I assume that, in some cases, this set up is duplicated in home offices. So laptops are easy and light to carry into meetings, and, of course, tablets have added keyboards and yet….
In meeting after meeting, I am seeing the switch back to notebooks and pens. Mini Research Project
Is it just my perception? Or are some of you noticing the same thing? Links, References and Notes
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