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Which roles are hot in IT? A LinkedIn brief.

This topic has been on my mind for the whole month of March based on the LinkedIn brief of the hottest positions in my industry. It has to be a role in Analytics and Business Intelligence. Security is a serious contender, too.  What else? Web development is still in demand. According to Robert Half, the positions with the most potential salary growth are : Big Data EngineersMobile App Developers The one thing we know in IT is that you need to constantly keep current with trends. Are there IT jobs you should be fleeing from?  I don’t think so - there are legacy products in use keeping traditional IT skills busy - as long as you are enjoying what you are doing and keep your skill set relevant.   A career in IT is not industry specific, and companies are on the look out for IT specialists who combine deep IT skills with the ability to translate that into strategic, business development wisdom.
A favourite (and I think relevant) TS Eliot Quote Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?…

What does your business know about your people?

HR Intelligence What does your business know about your people? ·Skills ·Expertise ·Qualities ·Competencies Ngoni Munetsi, who heads up the Accsys People Management Partners Division shared his thoughts on this with me.
It seems to me that our systems have become data-led instead of information-led.

He asks “How are we leveraging the data we have about our people to create competitive advantage?”

“ Strategic information management is a basic fundamental of Strategic HR yet we continue to function as Data capturers…not as HR Strategists.
We capture biographical data about employees, but then what?  HR Intelligence is all about making forward looking decisions through capitalising your HR Information depositories. 
How can you make what you know about your people count and contribute to organisational goals? How can it create Learning Organisations?  These are the key fundamental questions we should be asking ourselves.” 

Yes, all the data enables us to run EE reports WSPs. However, he thinks i…