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We vs Them - relationships in business

“We” vs “Them” – relationships in business
Somewhere, sometime, I read an article that referred to “creating a stronger we” by “identifying a them”.  We seem to do it in all levels of our lives, both business and personal. In its extreme form it can become dangerous! In business, sport or life in general, when building teams or a strong culture, us and them scenarios form a significant part of a winning strategy. Obvious stuff. However, in a world where we have opened the traditional barriers and borders via social networking, new networks are being forged every day.   People belong to multiple groups and are aligning themselves in a different way.   The traditional concept of brand and group loyalty is changing as a result.  While loyalty levels to the groups might vary, most of us have a strong desire to belong.  The global village offers unbelievable opportunities for building powerful networks, regular contact with people from all over the world and continual learning.   If you read Dr…