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Principles, Precedents & Pragmatism

Three favourite business words that open up lots of discussion.
And so important in running the Accsys business, because they come up every single day, in one way or another.
Principles Like many businesses, we built up a set of Policies and Procedures, trying to clearly define the principles by which we run our business.   Much as I loved the Nordstrom model (see below), we realised it was necessary.
Then once we started using them every day, we recognised that they were simply guidelines, needed constant updating and were almost impossible to seamlessly implement.
We found that almost everybody believes that the rules are for other people and their circumstances are the exception that proves the rule.
Precedents In South Africa, the Family Responsibility rule is very clear, and yet we are constantly asked to expand the rule.  We recently had one staff member ask to take 10 years of Family Responsibility in one as he had never used it before.  When HR pointed out that would be setting rathe…

Business Resolutions about People

As a business, resolutions are an informal way to get us all thinking about what we want to achieve in a fresh year.
Of course, there are a lot of funny personal and business resolutions. One of my favourite’s this year was on Ellen, when a young lady wanted to get past Level 183 on Candy Crush.   It took an Harvard Graduate to assist her!

Not to mention the young woman who was resolving to be more patient with her children and drink better wine.  
At Accsys, our business is about providing software people management solutions, so we thought it would be a good idea to define some of our people management resolutions (in no particular order).

We resolved to: ·Spend more time with people and less with systems ·Encourage and reward innovative thinking ·Embrace consistent management processes across the business ·Share decision making processes so that people feel included ·Share knowledge and skills every day ·Place personal information management into the hands of the individual staff member

Goals (& Indulgences)

..or what used to be known as New Year's Resolutions.

Each year brings its highs and lows, and the eternally optimistic human race believes that we get a fresh start each January 1st.   Belief is a strong driver, and optimism is capable of delivering very good results.

So, with that in mind, in January 2014 I decided to try and give myself some good advice.... Enjoy more special family and friend time, have got a bit too chilled and lazy over weekends – Did quite well on this one until March.Remain passionate about what matters, but not angry when things go wrong – my execs tell me about 50% success rate!Be upfront about issues, deal with them quickly, and avoid continual negative comments, frustration and feelings (mine) – Same as aboveDelegate 3 business tasks that I have been hanging on to - DoneSet aside formal time to deal with personal issues every week eg doctor's appointments, checking bank statements, sorting out home maintenance, submi…

Effective CVs

Everybody talks about how important a good CV is but how do you define good? The CV Clearly a good track record with excellent references is key, but so is the way it is put together. Take the time to do a personalized covering letter for each companySet it up as a standard with some career highlightsAlign some of your skills with their requirements as per their job specificationIt takes time, but personalise your cv for every opportunityIt’s not a complete rewriteHighlight the skills that are most relevant to the position you are applying forBullet points and short paragraphs are easy to readPlace your most current employment firstCheck that your references are availableInclude special interests, achievements and leadership outside of business, (charity and industry bodies)Read it carefully and run spelling/grammar checksGet an objective person to read it, if possibleA photo can be good, my preference is at the back with the references, but this is subjectiveAttach copies of:letters o…