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The Future of HR

Like any other discipline, HR has evolved, and is continuing to do so. I asked Ngoni Munetsi, head of Accsys People Partners Management for his input.   The article below is his response. Known before as Personnel Management, today we are talking of terms like Strategic Human Resources, Talent Management, and HR Intelligence among other terms. Are there any differences? Or is it just old wine in a new bottle? What are the current trends and what future predictions do we have in the evolution? The Morden view is the alignment of HR to Business, a statement very popular in the HR fraternity, but do we really understand how to do so? If HR is aligned to business, why is there a prophecy/prediction of the erosion of its relevance, because where there is alignment there is utility, not so? To stay relevant, I think HR strategies must focus on the following trends; The Strategic focus; This cannot be outsourced. If HR Professionals cannot transform into strategic business partners, then they wi…

KPAs are just a guideline - find out what is really important to your boss

KPAs, KPIs, Job Descriptions - and whatever other acronym you might be using, they all do the same thing - define the performance areas, describe the job, lay out objectives, success factors etc You know what they are, you understand the job, you are delivering according to the requirements, but you have the impression that your boss is not really that happy with you. It might just be that you don't understand your boss! During my career, I have reported into a number of people with huge variations of management style. There were the detail people, they needed to understand everything down to a granular levelThere were the big picture managers, just paint the situation in broad strokes, and mention any riskThere were those who wanted everything in writingThere were those who wanted to talk situations through in great detail, and get nothing to read You get the picture... The critical way to success in a job is to understand what presses your boss's buttons. If yo…