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The Internet of Things and the Segment of One

The Internet of Things (IoT) is inspiring some new (and some not so new) lines of marketing speak. Notable is Segment of One. What does that mean? Simply, knowing vast amounts about your spending patterns, marketing effort is so tightly targeted on your needs, aspirations and requirements, it’s like a homing pigeon bullet, straight to the heart of your wallet. So, I am talking to you, Segment of One! Where can this kind of use of big data go wrong? Once again, simply, in the delivery! Personal Story As a child growing up I lived in the seaside village of Muizenberg. Everybody knew everybody, we went to the same schools, shopped at the same stores, sat on the beach over the weekend, and if you didn’t know somebody, there was always a connection.  It was literally one degree of separation. If I popped into Raad’s, the local greengrocer, he would greet me warmly, and send me home with a watermelon that was just the kind my dad liked. At the pharmacy, they would give me my mom’s meds witho…